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Truman is the musical project of Jesús Elorriaga (Madrid, 1977). After more than 12 years as audiovisual creator, in 2013 he started this project with the help of some friends and the desire to experiment and to learn a new artistic side.


Two years later the searching for a particular sound identity comes to light: 'Intruder' (2015), is an album that mixes old school influences of instrumental hip hop, breakbeat, synth pop and electronic music in general.


In the following years he made remixes of spanish punk rock band Lastrick, and he also collaborated with Mónica Béjar on her solo project, contributing with drum beats, synths and the co-production of  'Just for love' (2016) EP.


'Learning the ropes' (2017) is the result of a creative and stylistic evolution regarding its predecessor. The 80s sound and urban influences of 'Intruder' has given way to eclectic sounds inspired by Jamaican dub, Detroit techno and dark electronic music. With progressive developments in their structures and a more unified and elaborated style.